Pink robot
Software synthesizer for Linux


Here you can find screenshots showing some of Yoshimi's many controls.

main gui window
The main window - the starting point for most Yoshimi adventures
mixer window
Mixer controls in 8x2 configuration, with 6 active parts
virtual keyboard
The virtual keyboard, containing many additional controls
instrument bank selection
The instrument bank selection window
instrument bank
Just one of the many instrument banks that are shipped with Yoshimi.
example of instrument properties
An example of instrument properties - active engines and metadata
pad-synth controls
Controls for the PadSynth engine
pad-synth envelope controls
Envelope controls for the PadSynth engine
sub-synth controls
Controls for the SubSynth engine
resonance control window
A resonance control window - in this case for an AddSynth voice
add-synth controls
Controls for the AddSynth engine
voice parameter controls
Controls for an AddSynth voice - each instance can have up to 8 voices.
voice list window
The voice list provides an overview and an easy way to navigate and tweak important parameters.
waveform editor
Waveform controls - with both simple and advanced means of adjustment.
vector control configuration
Vector configuration - for controlling parameters with a joystick.
instrument search
Instrument search - making it easier to locate instruments by types
part controller settings
Per-part controllers of various dynamic properties; filters, panning, bandwidth, etc.
aftertouch settings
Basic settings for which aspects of a part aftertouch can affect, by key and/or channel.
file browser
A custom file browser with support for favourite directories.