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Software synthesizer for Linux

Welcome to the home of the Yoshimi synth!

A sample of Yoshimi's gui

Yoshimi is a software audio synthesizer, originally forked from ZynAddSubFX. Follow the links in the header for help with downloading and running it. You can also check out the manuals for detailed help, and listen to examples of music created with Yoshimi. Once you have it all set up, here are just some of the features you will find:

Example tracks - using only Yoshimi

Yoshimi Synthesis - by Eddy Deegan

Lossless version (FLAC)

Beautiful, Excellent Birthday Yoshimi - by Jeanette C.

Lossless version (FLAC)

Synth Pertinax - by Lorenzo Sutton

Lossless version (FLAC)

More tracks using Yoshimi, partly or in full, can be found on the demos page.


Browser version

Jari Kleimola has ported the sound engines to webassembly, making it possibly to try out some of the instruments directly in your browser (requires a recent version of either Firefox or a Chromium-based browser).

Try it out here