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Oh Yoshimi, ... you won't let those robots eat me

Yoshimi is a software synthesizer for Linux, a "fork" of ZynAddSubFX. ZynAddSubFX was founded by Nasca Octavian Paul and continued by many others; several years later, Yoshimi was founded by our dear friend, the late Cal, at a time when ZynAddSubFX showed amazing promise but did not satisfy his needs and ours. If you enjoy profound and powerful tonality with your Linux, please do try Yoshimi, we think you will feel the love!

The two projects are now in wonderfully active, but different, development. Quite a number of people have given time and energy to bring Yoshimi to life (and keep it that way!). Our thanks go to you all. Once upon a time there was just Moog; then there were many. Yoshimi is not ZynAddSubFX, but we have not forgotten from whence we hath come, and we salute thee :-)

There are many new developments within Yoshimi, including a command-line environment, two-dimensional simultaneous FX control, GUI evolution, LV2 capability, and much much more.

Yoshimi is also known to work well with Rosegarden 15, Ardour 4, Muse 2, and QTractor 0.7.

And for sheer fun and excitement, you can't beat the Will J. Godfrey collection of instruments. Overdrive in particular has proven therapeutic qualities.

Come, hear angel horns and devil trombones! You are invited!

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Jonathan E. Brickman
Will J Godfrey

On the name Yoshimi...

The music of The Flaming Lips long held a special place in the lives of Cal and his family. As Yoshimi (the synth) evolved and needed a name, the lyrics of The Flaming Lips' song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots came strongly to mind. Yoshimi it was to be.

Demos, you ask...

Look Ma, No Hands
Just one sound bank (of many)