zyn and the art of software maintenance
Oh Yoshimi, ... you won't let those robots eat me

Yoshimi is a software synthesizer for Linux based on the 2.4.0 release of ZynAddSubFX, written by Nasca Octavian Paul. Yoshimi delivers the same synth capabilities, along with very good Jack and Alsa midi/audio functionality.

I've been a ZynAddSubFX lover pretty much since it was first offered. Sadly though, Zyn has long been a case of flawed genius. It's audio and midi capabilities have not kept pace with the evolution and infrastructure improvements of Linux audio.

Performance with Jack was poor. Of recent years I've become more demanding in that respect, so I started looking at the code. I tried working with the official project team, but it proved impossible. We have vastly different and somewhat incompatible design, development and performance philosphies.

And so Yoshimi came to be, as a Linux only derivative of ZynAddSubFX. Yoshi attempts to do everything original Zyn does, but to do it well on Linux. A number of people have given time and energy to bring Yoshimi to life (and keep it that way!). My thanks go to you all.

For sheer fun and excitement, you can't beat the Will J. Godfrey collection of instruments. Overdrive in particular has proven therapeutic qualities.

Come, hear angel horns and devil trombones! You are invited!

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Jonathan E. Brickman
Will J Godfrey

On the name Yoshimi...

The music of The Flaming Lips has long held a special place in the lives of myself and my family. As Yoshimi (the synth) evolved and needed a name, the lyrics of The Flaming Lips' song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots came strongly to mind. Yoshimi it was to be.